Monday, March 10, 2008

Barbara Schwarz Writes...

Barbara Schwarz is a longtime poster to ARS. A former president of CoS in Germany, she was, she claims, kicked out in 1984. Here's a charming post she made to ARS recently.

'We all know, if Germany would not have gassed and otherwise killed millions of Jews and other minorities, and if other countries would not have been appalled by that, the gassed and killed people would be Scientologists today.

'As gassing became "politically incorrect", the p$ychs behind the German secret service and government has to try to get rid of Scientology through other ways.

'As Germany did so much p$ychiatric Nazi harm before, normal people are rightfully suspicious once Germany screams to outlaw Scientology.

'So, what do the Germans do?

'Any country and nationality has its bad apples. They hire a handful cheap Jews from other countries (and we know all who it is) and tell them for personal gain to secretly attack L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology so that the Germans can say: "Hey, the Jews attack L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology! The Jews would not do it, if us going after Scientology would be the same as Germany did before WW II."

'Yeah right. Unfortunately, a real Scientologist can figure out the facts. And that is why the p$ychs behind the German secret service wants to get rid of Scientology. Real Scientologists are much too smart for their taste and that is behind the attacks of Scientology.'

Keeping the faith? Or a cunning attack on Scientology by posing as one of the craziest parishioners going? You be the judge...

You can find more information about Barbara, including details of her record-breaking FOIA requests, at Wikipedia.

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