Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mario Majorski Shooting

Running through the news coverage, the shooting of Mario Majorski seems a clear-cut case, that Majorski was mentally ill, that he posed a genuine threat to the security guards at the Celebrity Centre, and that the killing will likely be viewed as justified. That he was released from prison two weeks ago, and that his illness wasn't picked up at the time ought to garner the focus of the media above the Scientology connection.

Majorski was a church member, but it seems he left some time ago (see EDIT). His last dealings with the church on public record involved a law-suit against UCLA lecturer Dr. Louis J. West in 1993. He does not appear to have been well for some time - what led him to illness is too open to conjecture, certainly at this stage. Should a clearer picture of Majorski arise when the official ruling on the shooting is made later this week, I'll post again.

EDIT - Apparently Majorski was a practicing member of the Church as late as June 2004:

Tommy and or OSA Int intentionally omitted from consideration the fact that ASHO's Auditor Mag of June 2004 lists Mario Majorski amongst the people intending to come next for the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course training.

Chuck Beatty

I hope to confirm this soon.

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  1. The biggest question's here are why does a church have the need for security guards armed with lethal weapons? Even the police force does not use deadly force unless absoutely necessary. Why could a taser-gun not be used against someone who is armed with "weapons" that must be used at a rather close distance to do any kind of damage. Especially when there are three guards present at the time. There is no question that this situation could have been handled in a much better way.


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