Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Regarding a Forthcoming LBC Outing

RE: http://tr.im/sgR7

Dear Jeni,

I'm glad you're covering the concerns people may have over flu vaccination. You're right, of course, that people should be free to make informed choices about decisions that will affect not just their own health but the health of people around them. With this in mind, I trust that you will ensure your programme features solid information about the benefits and risks of the 'flu [vaccine]. It is too easy, in complaining of a lack of clarity or of mixed messages coming through about this pandemic, to contribute to that lack of clarity.


Beacon Schuler


  1. Excellent!

    You prompted me to also send her a message. See my post on Zeno's Blog.

  2. Thanks Zeno. The link you posted came back here, though that might be Blogger. This should work.


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