Thursday, June 21, 2007

Psych Drugs Are Killing My Cognitive Function

John Travolta has been in the news lately nailing his flag to Tom Cruise's (and, natch, Scientology's) mast with regards psychiatric drugs. Travolta believes (and he has every right to believe, however wrongly) that if you delve into the backgrounds of the highschool shootings in America you will find that the perpetrators of the attrocities were all on psychiatric drugs. How true this is I don't know enough to say, but the notion that people who are psychologically damaged are on psychiatric medication is of no surprise, and it is grotesquely false logic to assume that the playground slayings are the direct and sole result of psychiatric medication; should we tolerate Scientology attempting to benefit from them?

It is a tired old phrase, but one that appears to require endless repetition; correlation does not equal causation.

It is this blogger's opinion of Scientology at large that tech serves to impose cognitive disfunction on those who adopt it. This can be seen in the neologist Newspeak language of Hubbard himself. This can be seen in the way that auditing slowly divorces its subjects from reality. This can be seen by the weird logical fallacies that pepper Hubbard's thought processes, the same thought processes he imposes on his followers.

For Travolta, Cruise et al to blame highschool shootings on the medication that the perpetrators may have been on is no more or less ridiculous and unfounded an assumption than the notion that chemotherapy causes people to die of cancer.

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