Friday, April 04, 2008

I Heard A Rumour

John Sweeney may be working on a Panorama documentary about Anonymous and the Church of Scientology. Sweeney, you may remember, presented the previous documentary Scientology and Me, which covered the Church's noisy surveillance tactics, its anti-psychiatry position, and featured the infamous "exploding tomato" moment, where Sweeney, on being accused by Tommy Davis of giving Shawn Lonsdale an easy interview, shouted Davis (who had, let it be said, not been there at the start of the interview) down.

Following Sweeney's presence at London pickets outside the Tottenham Court Road Dianetics and Scientology Centre, the Church claimed it had received bomb threats, though these were never seemingly reported or investigated by the police. The Church, in their rather feeble attempt at undermining Panorama implied that the bomb threats were in some way caused or inspired by Sweeney's presence at the picket. That the same accusations have now been levelled at Anonymous should make for some interesting content if Sweeney is indeed to return to the subject.

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