Sunday, April 06, 2008

Second Life sees launch of Church of Enturbulation

Over the past couple of weeks, Second Lifer Charity Stohr has been working on a museum in Second Life discussing the human rights violations perpetrated by the Church of Scientology.

Entitled The Church of Enturbulation, and built in memory of Shawn Lonsdale, it is hoped to become a presence for Anonymous and the hub of CoS criticism in the Second Life universe. The church has been paid for by voluntary donations, and is seeing a healthy level of traffic. Currently available is a free "picket pack" containing slogan t-shirts, placards, and V masks.

A launch party was staged on the fourth of April to launch the site, complete with volcano-baked clam suppers, clam suits, and the occasional dinosaur.

Guests were invited to speak. Charity spoke of being fair-gamed for criticism posted at MySpace, and Darkscorp, whose brother was a victim of the Church, also spoke.

Charity Stohr


Future events are planned, and will be posted in Operation Clambake and elsewhere.

Here's a graphic should you wish to link to the SLURL.

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